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Product Description

C frame press, also commonly called as open gap frame press, is a versatile hydraulic press machine ideal for almost all applications, such as straightening, assembling, bending, stamping, riveting, press-fit and so on.

Each C frame press in Pressmach features a slim and compact design. The heavy welded and rib-reinforced frame body provides the maximum rigidity and a very low level of deflection, to ensure the extremely stable working condition for accurate parts. The open C-frame construction offers the multi-directional accessibility to the working area, extremely convenient for die/tooling loading and maintenance, as well as parts removing.

Profimach provides a series C frame presses with a variety of bed sizes and tonnages, and we also offer special daylight, stroke and throat depth to customize the machine for your special applications.


Hydraulic C-frame presses

Pressmach hydraulic gap frame presses can be supplied with either gib or plunger type guiding which offers enhanced parallel slide motion and eccentric load capabilities. Our gap frame presses are available with a variety of options including:

  • Single or multi point cushions
  • Open back configurations
  • Rotary tables
  • Part ejector arrangements
  • Quick die change packages
  • Other enhancements as offered with
  • 4-column presses

Our gap frame presses are economical and are ideal for applications where access is required from three sides. 


Product Description C-frame BENCHTOP PRESS

Pressmach’s elegant benchtop press, featured with safety, cost-efficiency, and ease-of-use, is an extremely flexible machinery equipment used as independent small bench top presses, or for integration in the production line, such as riveting, assembly, press fitting and so on. With compact benchtop size, and user-friendly features and options, we offer our customer a simple benchtop press solution with competitive price and life-long engineering support and service.

Each benchtop press built by Pressmach is inspected with our tough quality standards to ensure years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.


Product Description RIVETING PRESS

Pressmach’s spinning head riveting press feathers a slim and compact design. The hydraulic or pneumatic power source C-frame structure allows the operator the excellent accessibility to the working area for convenient loading and unloading workpiece and changing riveting tools. Heavy welded and rib-reinforced frame body provides the maximum rigidity and a very low level of deflection, to ensure the extremely stable riveting condition. The riveting press bed is continuously height-adjustable, together with adjustable riveting stroke makes the riveting machine a very flexible system for most riveting applications.

With the maximum riveting capacity of φ25 mm solid rivets and φ40 mm hollow rivets, and offers with the powerful cooling system for hydraulic system, the Pressmach spinning head riveting machines are heavy duty designed for improving productivity and continuously production reliability.



The Pressmach hydraulic straightening press is featured with open gap frame structure. These C frame presses and gantry presses are especially ideal for straightening a wide range of parts, such as shafts, tubes, bars, castings, and profiles.

For customers from automotive industry, who require accurate and repeatable straightening process for precision parts, the Lexson upgraded C-frame presses are the ideal straightening press to choose. The press provides flexible precision control modes, which are “fixed speed/setting position stop”, “fixed speed/setting load stop”, “fixed speed/pressing distance stop”. The accuracy ranges in 0.01mm . A traveling table can also be offered for some special occasion, to offer the repeatable straightening cycle and the ability of automatically straightening.