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Combined Cut-To-Length Lines & Slitting Lines

Pressmach combination Cut-To-Length & Slitting Lines (also known as „Slears“) offer a premium in flexibility: Our target customer buys a small variety of master coils and tailor-processes them into individual sheets.

This has the advantages of saving floor space for storage and savings in cost per ton. But this is not all: The Cut-To-Length & Slitting Line provides the ability to immediately supply even smallest batches.

Coiling Lines

Combined Cut-to-length Slitting line

Since with combination Cut-To-Length & Slitting Lines mostly small lots are produced, the compact arrangement with Decoiler, Feeder-Straightener, Slitting Shear, Cutting Shear and Receiving Station is the line-up of choice. For quality stack-building, Pressmach offers individual stacking solutions.

The spectrum of our combination Cut-To-Length & Slitting Lines is quite vast: Starting with precision machinery for sensitive metals such as 0,3mm thin aluminum, up to heavy-duty equipment to process cross-sections of 2200 x 18 mm. To make flexibility perfect, an additional Rewinder with Strip Brake can be integrated into the  Slitting Line to also allow the production of own small coils. This design is suitable if mainly the slitting function is used and rarely stacks or strips are produced 

In short: The Presszmach combination Cut-To-Length & Slitting Line is an especially flexible and efficient solution

Performance data:

  • depending the layout up to 45 t coil weight, 12 mm slitting- and 18 mm cutting performance
  • max cross-section approx.. 2200 x 12 mm 
  • max net output approx. 8 – 30 m/min

Common Applications:

  • For a most flexible and more cost-effective response to customer-demanded lot sizes
  • Slitting of coil material into narrower segments with successive feed into cropping shear for blank cutting
  • w/o the slitting system engaged, utilization as cut-to-length line only
  • w/o the straightener and cropping shear engaged, limited utilization as slitting line only

Typical Configuration:

  • Pay-off reel for the master coils; with variable speed drive and loop with loop control
  • Straightener-feeder
  • Slitting unit with plug-in or movable circular blades
  • Cropping shear with pinch roller pair
  • Looping pit to balance out different lengths of the individual strips
  • Stacking system for blanks; removable for operation as slitting line only
  • Station with strip brake and spacer rings  
  • Recoiler with spacer rings and pushers as well as tilting receiver mandrel or alternatively coil car for finished coils 
  • Peripheral guarding with electrical interlock

Additions & Expansions:

  • 3- or 4 axis turnstiles for fast exchange of slitting units
  • Various hydraulic and motorized features and components to enhance capacities and level of automation