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Pressmach provides specialty presses for hot forming of nickel based alloys, specialty alloys, and superplastic forming of titanium. Hot presses are available for forging and extruding crystal. Pressmach Hot Presses feature an integral furnace to apply forming pressure at up to 1000° C. These machines contribute to the manufacture of aircraft components from titanium or stainless steel alloys. Crystal forging presses support the nuclear and medical equipment industries.

Hot Press

The Pressmach Hot Press features powered refractory heat shield or furnace walls that enclose the heated platens on all four sides and microprocessor temperature controls. Suitable for Diffusion Bonding applications. Shuttle beds available. Bed sizes and daylight openings are to your specifications.

The Hot Lab Press is used for forming titanium aircraft parts. Alloy sheet is heated in the press to its super plastic state then formed with controlled gas pressure into complex shapes, ducts and structures.

Hot Press with Shuttle Bed

Pressmach’s Shuttle Bed Hot Presses are designed presses to allow the lower half of the furnace to ride on the shuttle for improved access. It is used with a manipulator loader. Load cells and optical pyrometer information is sent to remote data storage.

Hot Up-Acting Presses

Hot Up-Acting Presses can forge/flatten large-diameter crystals into lenses for MRI imaging machines. This specific presses closes at a controlled rate to prevent fracture of the crystal. Includes stainless heated platens and recirculating heated air.

Hot Straight-Side Presses with Pre-Stressed Housing

These machines are equipped with a rigid, sturdy frame with pre-stressed tension members that are resistant to frame bend due to extreme temperatures. Pre-stressed housing assures consistent platen parallelism over long periods of use.