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Two-dimensional Manipulator

Two-dimensional manipulator is an automated transfer robot designed for large-tonnage press line with multi-station dies to produce products with tensile properties.

The device is driven by an NC servo motor, equipped with a transfer rod on which a special fixture is assembled suitable for the work piece to realize the synchronous transfer of work piece between the multi-stations dies in the press line, thereby achieving high-efficiency production purposes. The two link manipulator is suitable for single press multi-station layout. The material is clamped from the side of the mold by its two arms, which does not occupy the die opening height of the press machine. The stroke of press slide can be greatly reduced, and the time of single stamping is greatly shortened. The two-dimensional manipulator is most suitable for high speed press. The speed is fast, and the servo drive at both ends must be highly synchronized when clamping.

Two-dimensional Manipulator Features

1. The automatic material lifter is responsible for lifting the material one by one to facilitate picking by the robot. 

2. Servo-driven X-axis, left and right horizontal movement, is responsible for the transfer of materials and products.

3. Stepper-driven Z-axis performs vertical motion and is responsible for the overall up and down movement of the robot.

4. The control system is responsible for the automation of the entire equipment and press machine.