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Coil loading cars are manufactured for a maximum capacity of 40 tons.
Lift the coil from the platform to load it on the decoiler.
Can be above ground, at floor level or under-floor-level type.

Coil Cars

A coil car is a device that loads coils onto an uncoiler or off of a recoiler. It rides on rails and moves coils laterally.

Some coil cars have been designed with 180 ° rotating platforms to speed and simplify coil setup.

The coil car is often used in conjunction with various storage buffer equipment, such as turnstile or a coil staging rack system.

While the coil car can carry only once coil at a time, such equipment makes more efficient use of time for overhead cranes operating in the plant. 

The usage of coil cars wherever possible reduces the tendency of interleaving of slit coils, which is causes by the push-off action of the recoiling stripper.

Introducing banding slots on the coil car platform allows for the banding of coil offline from the platform. Best way to reduce downtime .... have something done while it waits to get processed...