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Die spotting press and tryout press

Die spotting press and tryout press is mainly operated for the die spotting and tryout purpose, it can stimulate the real production process of mechanical or hydraulic presses. The rigid press frame is connected by tie rods with extra long guide ways, this offers a higher grade eccentric loading resistance, constant precision holding under long term operation.  The Servo-Driven and Servo Control system are specially designed to enable the Slide position and speed with high accuracy.

The presses can be furnished with 180 degree tilting upper reverse plates and Full stroke slide clamping system, which upgrade the productivity and safety grade, various function blocks like upper and lower cushion, shock absorber are available as well.


Die Spotting, Mold Spotting, & Die Tryout

The Pressmach Die Spotting Presses are available with different options for different budgets. Our basic Die Spotting Press includes a shuttle bed for crane loading dies/molds. It also permits work to be performed on the bottom half of the tool safely outside of the press. For greater tool access, these die spotting presses are available with a 90o or 180o swing-out platen to separate the die/mold halves. The 90o swing-out platen press allows simultaneous repairs of mold halves at two sides of the press. The 180o swing-out platen press inverts the upper half of the tool and presents the tool halves side by side, safely outside of the press. Once examined, the press reassembles the tool for accurate, controlled die spotting.

Die Spotting Press

The basic model of Die Spotting Press allows for easy loading/unloading and offers a generous bed size and daylight opening to meet your application’s requirements, with lever or joystick controls and compressed air quick-disconnects for tools.

Die Spotting Press with 90o Swing-Out Platen

The rear swing-out platen allows for correction and grinding operations without interfering with similar operations performed simultaneously at the front of the press on the opposite die half.

Die Spotting Press with 180o Swing-Out Platen

Pressmach’s 180o Mold and Die Spotting Presses are precision-guided hydraulic presses for the off-line repair of dies and molds that help eliminate the bottleneck of tying-up your production press.

Die Spotting Press with Rolling Bolster

The Die Spotting Press with Rolling Bolster offers bed sizes, daylight openings, and down-acting clamp capacities to your specification with the option for a T-slotted bolster or T-slotted shuttle bolster. Shuttle bolster allows for easy crane loading of dies and molds.