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Assembly Presses


Product Description ASSEMBLY PRESS

Pressmach’s C-frame or bench top type designed assembly presses are most often used for high-force assembling and press fitting applications, such as automotive parts assembly, hub bearing assembly, precision gear reducer pressing, wheel studs pressing, precision compliant-pin electrical connector press fitting, as well as inserting bearing and bushing into metal casting. Pressmach assembly press and press fitting machine are both applicable for general assembling job and precision assembly works.

C-frame and benchtop assembly for general assembly and press fitting

With its open gap frame structure, the Pressmach C-frame presses and benchtop presses are accommodated for assembling and press fitting a range of part sizes. Cylinder rod end can be machined to work with customer tooling, as well as connected with rod-guided tooling plate for fast loading and change tooling. An oversized cooling system can minimize the risk of overheating, to ensure continuously ongoing production.

Electro servo press for precision assembly and press fitting

For some precision assembly applications, the function of force and position monitoring and real-time quality evaluation is a must to ensure perfect assembly result. Pressmach’s advanced electro servo press is an ideal assembly press for this.

The electro servo presses are integrated with force and position transducer, and a color HIM for real-time monitoring parameters during assembly and press fitting process. The fully electrically driven servo press features perfect accuracy ranges 0.01mm for precision assembly works. It offers three pressing modes for your required assembly and press fit processes. A 7, 9 or 13 inches screen with comprehensive HMI for data acquisition and storage, easy machine setup and operation.

Air hydraulic press, a more energy efficient and cost-effective solution for assembly and press fitting

Pressmach Air hydraulic press sometimes referred as hydro pneumatic press, or “air over oil” press, is different from the conventional hydraulic power press by using a quieter, cleaner and more economical power source. Air hydraulic press is an energy efficient and more cost-effective solution for a variety of assembly and press fitting applications.

With extensive engineering and manufacturing experience in assembly and press fitting industry, Lexson can offer our customers a simple and most cost-effective assembly press solution with life-long engineering support and service.

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