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High-speed coil feeding line for motor core lamination stamping

Motor core laminating press

It is a high-speed coil feeding line for motor core lamination stamping, combines Pressmach  their best decoiler, straightener, and high-speed servo feeder machine.

The decoiler machine is dual head with hydraulic expansion. It has a sturdy structure base and is capable of loading a 3-5ton metal coil on each mandrel. 

After the metal coil is uncoiled, there is a sensor rack for the high-speed loop control between the decoiler and straightener machine.

As for the coil straightener, the material goes into the precision straightener part firstly, and then storge in the S-loop device to meet the high-speed feeding requirements.

The high-speed coil feeding machine used in this line is a servo feeder, the leading brand in the industry. Pressmach is learning from world-leading technology and started work on the high-speed servo feeder manufacturing. Contact our sales experts to get more details about it.