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Multi-press Link Type Manipulator

The automatic handling device for multiple press connection and multi-process stamping die is suitable for mold standardization.

According to the different stamping process of customer's products, multiple presses can be connected to form an automatic stamping production line. The transfer stroke can be customized according to the actual arrangement distance of customer's press or die, which can be combined with the NC roller feeder, three-in-one feeder, sheet material accumulation rack, etc. auxiliary equipments.

The connecting rod or flexible link manipulator is called a connecting rod because its vertical and horizontal axes are “integrated” through the rod on the same line body. It requires the throat of press machine to be deeper to accommodate its line arm.

Multi-press Link Manipulator Features

1. The use of dual servo drive, dual retractable arm suspension and the main Bar, X-axis, Z-axis can achieve synchronous movement, move the workpiece from one station to the next station, to improve the degree of automation; 

2. The suction arm aluminum profile has a strip groove, and the arm can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece. 

3. The material can be grabbed (single or combined) by vacuum chucks, electromagnets, vacuum jaws, etc. 

4. The end is equipped with safety racks, sound and light alarm devices and other related safety measures; 

5. Each robot arm is equipped with a sensor detection device (proximity sensor, vacuum detection) 

6. The line body has dropping frame function, which is more suitable for the special process requirements in the stamping; 

7. The line body can connect with roll feeders, sheet material stackers, and tapping machines, turning machines, riveters, and other auxiliary equipment to achieve continuous production.