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Mechanical Presses

Mechanical excentric presses

Mechanical Presses or Power Presses

The range of mechanical excentric presses is divided into:
 flywheel mechanical presses from 10 to 400 Ton and  back-geared presses from 25 to 100.000 Ton.


  • The flywheel mechanical version allows high speed and higher productivity, having no intermediate reduction between the drive shaft and the eccentric shaft. Suitable for shearing and stamping
  • The version of back-geared presses allows a high-tonnage production at reduced nominal speeds, thanks to an intermediate wheel-pinion gear system between drive shaft and eccentric shaft.  Suitable for shearing, stamping and small drawing
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Hydraulical Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses are operated by large pistons driven by high-pressure hydraulic or hydro-pneumatic systems. They are slow moving compared with mechanical and servo presses, and squeeze rather than impact the workpiece. In operation, hydraulic pressure is applied to the top of the piston, moving the ram downward. When the stroke is complete, pressure is applied to the opposite side of the piston to raise the ram.

Speeds and pressures can be closely controlled. In many presses, circuits provide for a compensation control or sequential control, e.g. rapid advance, followed by sequences with two or more pressing speeds. The press can also be regulated to dwell at the bottom of the stroke for a predetermined time, raised at a slow release speed, and accelerated until it reaches original position. When needed, hydraulic press speed can be increased considerably. In many cases, hydraulic presses used for open and some closed die forging presses use microprocessors or computers to control the press operation, for parameters such as ram speeds and positions.

Hydraulic presses are rated according to the maximum force they develop. Presses in use for impression currently range up to 120,000 tons.

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Pneumatic Presses

Different drives for different jobs

Mechanical Drive

Mechanical Presses or power presses

Pressmach Presses

Affordable Quality Presses

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