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Deciding on which transfer system is appropriate depends on two basic criteria:

part complexity and production volume.

Today's manufacturing trends particularly in the automotive industry, require metalformers to produce complex parts from thinner yet stronger materials. To meet this requirement modern press builders have designed transfer technology capable of stamping very complex parts. These systems are flexible, allowing metalformers to manipulate the part during production and reducing material waste when compared to progressive die, coil-fed applications. In addition to dedicated transfer presses, straightside presses and gap frame presses can be used as transfer systems.

Stamping Automation

The stamping robotic arm manipulator is a device developed on the basis of automation equipment and specially developed for the unmanned production of stamping automation according to the characteristics of stamping products. It can replace the man power in terms of stamping, handling, loading and unloading of materials in various stamping stations. The robotic arm manipulator has an important embodiment in saving manpower and labor costs, improving labor and equipment safety, and maintaining product productivity, quality and process stability in the industries of repetitive, dangerous and high-beat product manufacturing. With the development of the stamping automation industry, various arm manipulator have been designed according to different product processes and on-site use environments.  Among them, the most common and most used stamping robots are: connecting rod manipulator, in-mold manipulator, independent manipulator, two-dimensional manipulator, three-dimensional manipulator and so on.

The mechanical arm is mainly composed of three parts: the gripper, the movement mechanism and the control system. The gripper is used to grip the workpiece (or tool). There are various structural forms of gripper according to the shape, size, weight, material and operation requirements of the object to be grasped, such as clamping type, holding type and adsorption type.

The moving mechanism enables the gripper to perform various rotation (swinging), moving or compounding movements to achieve the prescribed action, and to change the position and posture of the grasped object. The independent movement of the movement mechanism such as lifting, telescopic, and rotating is called the degree of freedom of the manipulator.

In order to grab objects in any position and orientation in space, there are 6 degrees of freedom. Degree of freedom is a key parameter for manipulator design. The more degrees of freedom, the more flexibility of the manipulator arm has, and its structure is also more complex. Generally, exclusive manipulators have 2 to 3 degrees of freedom. The control system performs specific actions by controlling the motor of each degree of freedom of the manipulator. At the same time, the information fed back by the sensor is received to form a stable closed-loop control. The core of the control system is usually composed of a micro-control chip such as a single-chip microcomputer or a DSP, and the desired function is realized by programming it.

Single-press Multi-station Manipulator

This type of manipulator is an automatic handling device, which is used for the stamping work with single power press machine and multiple workstations.

Independent Manipulator

Independent manipulator is widely used for the automatic handling of large sheet metal parts stamping in multiple press lines with multiple process stamping dies.

Multi-press Link Type Manipulator

The automatic handling device for multiple press connection and multi-process stamping die is suitable for mold standardization.

Two-dimensional Manipulator

Two-dimensional manipulator is an automated transfer robot designed for large-tonnage press line with multi-station dies to produce products with tensile properties.

Three-dimensional Manipulator

The three-dimensional manipulator is designed to add a vertical axis on the basis of two-dimensional manipulator, which aims to accommodate the vertical direction movement of the material

Robot Arm

Modern robots are mainly composed of two parts: the robot body and the control system. The robot body has the same action function as the human arm, can grasp objects in the space or perform

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