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Mechanical Presses

Mechanical eccentric presses

Mechanical Presses or Power Presses

The range of mechanical eccentric presses is divided into:
 flywheel mechanical presses from 10 to 400 Ton and  back-geared presses from 25 to 100.000 Ton.


  • The flywheel mechanical version allows high speed and higher productivity, having no intermediate reduction between the drive shaft and the eccentric shaft. Suitable for shearing and stamping
  • The version of back-geared presses allows a high-tonnage production at reduced nominal speeds, thanks to an intermediate wheel-pinion gear system between drive shaft and eccentric shaft.  Suitable for shearing, stamping and small drawing

Select your frame

C-frame press

GAP Frame Press

The C-frame series of open-type fixed table presses are general-purpose presses for sheet metal stamping. They are suitable for various cold stamping processes such as shearing, punching, blanking, bending and shallow drawing. It is manufactured in strict accordance with Japanese JIS Class 1 accuracy standards.

The main components of our c frame punch press are all processed by high quality CNC equipments. Japanese high-quality bearings and imported oil seal linings ensure the accuracy and longevity of the machine.

D-frame Press

Single Crank Semi-closed Press

The D-frame series is a semi-closed crank stamp press machine independently developed by Pressmach to meet customer needs. It has the characteristics of small change of mold height, small deviation of dynamic center, small amount of stamping deformation, and low noise of blanking cutting. The fixed-lock guide rail and high-rigidity body realize high-precision stamping of the product, and the life of the mold is also greatly improved.

H-Frame or straight side press

Closed Frame Press

The H- series type power press machine has an integrated welding machine body and a crankshaft drive. Closed single-point circulation thin oil lubrication, which further improves the working environment of the machine tool. The straight-column, one-piece body has better rigidity than C-type press machine. Pressmach one-point straight side presses (a.k.a. single crank presses) feature precise slide guiding and frames designed to handle higher tonnage without the risk of angular deflection or yawning. Each press's fabricated steel frame undergoes rigorous finite element analysis prior to manufacturing and is of a heavy, box-type construction that is thermally stress relieved before being machined for uniform accuracy.


Select the motion Drive

Crank + Flywheel + clutch + Electric motor

Crank + Clutch + Link drive + clutch + Motor

Crank + Geared Head + Clutch + Electric motor

Crank + Gear Reduction + Servo motor

Applications mechanical presses

Automotive Parts Making
Household Appliances Making
Motor Lamination Punching
HVAC/R Aluminum Fin Press Lines
Hot Forging Industry
Powder Metallurgy Industry

Introduction to Eccentric Power Press

In press type there is a hydraulic press, a screw press and a crank press. The eccentric power press is a crank press. Driven by switch reluctance servo motor, the servo press realizes high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability, intelligent numerical control, high die life and high product precision.

There is no functional difference between a crank press and an eccentric power press. They are just different form of crankshaft structure, but the schematic diagram of the two is exactly the same. Eccentric power press structure is relatively complex, but casting is easier to solve than crankshaft forging.  Scope of application: commonly used in large and medium-sized pressure machine.  The slide block in the eccentric press is a part that can move up and down in the middle of the press, and its action forms twice the eccentric radius of the eccentric shaft or crankshaft.

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