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Product Description

There are kinds of presses which are characterized by their unique gantry frame style, resulting in an “H” formation for the whole machine body, commonly known as H frame press or gantry hydraulic press. Pressmach’s H frame press is hydraulic press specially designed for applications which require big tonnage and small bed size, such as coining, embossing, stamping, drawing, crimping, bending, pressing and so on.

Ranging in tonnage from 100 to 5000 tons, Pressmach heavy-duty H-frame press features compact and clean design. The heavy welded and rib-reinforced frame body is extremely rigid and minimum deflection to provide high rigidity and durability. Well-forged and precise-polished heavy-duty cylinder perform highly reliable when machine running at the high load condition. 4-rod guided ram to ensure the accuracy of repetitiveness. Pressmach H frame presses are typically best suited for pressing and forming jewelry, embossing gold and silver, as well as Heavy deep drawning and Heavy stamping or Blanking and specific for economical trimming.

H Frame Hydraulic Press 

H Frame Hydraulic Press, frame type welded structure, more stronger than four column type hydraulic press. All welded parts are heat treatment and sand blasting treatment. This press has separate slide guides for better precision. This model hydraulic press is most suitable for car body parts, tractor cover parts production. PLC control, separate hydraulic system and electric control system. Hydraulic cushion and movable table are optional.

Sliding Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

Sliding Stamping Hydraulic Press

Sliding Fine Blanking Hydraulic Press

Sliding Hot Forging Press