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Straightening of Welded parts, Bars, Tubes and Plates

Available in a wide variety of designs, Pressmach Straightening Presses accommodate the needs of several industries. Our machines easily straighten any workpiece, from small hollow tubes to massive steel plates, and everything in between.

Our highly-accurate stroke controller takes the guesswork out of straightening.  The Pressmach Precision controller assures fast, accurate, repeatable straightening without the need for highly-experienced operators. Ram stopping position is controlled to ± 0.02mm accuracy. This precision digital stroke control comes standard with these frame types, and is cost-effective compared to the competition.


C-Frame straightening presses

Our hydraulic straightening press is featured with open gap frame structure. These C frame presses and gantry presses are especially ideal for straightening a wide range of parts, such as shafts, tubes, bars, castings, and profiles.

For customers from automotive industry, who require accurate and repeatable straightening process for precision parts, our upgraded C-frame presses are the ideal straightening press to choose. The press provides flexible precision control modes, which are “fixed speed/setting position stop”, “fixed speed/setting load stop”, “fixed speed/pressing distance stop”. The accuracy ranges in 0.01mm. A traveling table can also be offered for some special occasion, to offer the repeatable straightening cycle and the ability of automatically straightening.

All our gantry and C frame hydraulic straightening press are built with tough quality standards to ensure years of maintenance-free and reliable operation.

  • Compact and economical open gap design
  • Three-sided access to the working area
  • Precision and automatic straightening
  • Modular design, customized to your specifications
  • Superior rigidity and bed to platen parallelism
  • Precision-guided moving slide (platen)
  • Fast, easy and safe setup and operation
  • Years of maintenance-free and reliable operation


Traveling Gantry Narrow Bed Straightening Press

Pressmach’s narrow bed Straightening Press is the perfect solution for straightening heavy shafts, tubes and bars. The workpiece is loaded onto pressing anvils. The gantry is then traversed over the shaft. Straightening accessories include: Power workpiece rotation, power lift, power anvil positioning, and power rotation stand positioning along the bed.


For straightening of small shafts, we offer C-frame Straightening Presses. A full range of straightening accessories is available for the series including: adjustable carriages, anvils, OD rotation fixtures, centering fixtures and indicators.


For straightening larger shafts, Pressmach offers a special Straightening Press. Roller stands permit crane loading and workpiece positioning under a fixed ram.

The workpiece must be manually positioned under the ram, by moving it across the rollers. This provides an economical method of positioning heavy workpieces. Lift cylinders are available in the press bed to raise the workpiece for positioning of the press anvils.


For straightening larger shafts, Pressmach offers the Hybrid Straightening Press. Roller stands permit crane loading and workpiece positioning under a fixed ram.

The powered rollers allow the operator to position the workpiece under the ram, providing an efficient and economical method for positioning heavy workpieces. Lift cylinders are available in the press bed to raise the workpiece for positioning of the press anvils.


Pressmach's horizontal presses are generally used for straightening or bending structural materials. Available in a variety of configurations. Options include conveyors, powered worklifters, powered work rotators, moveable anvil blocks, guided ram, t-slotted bolsters and pushbutton or lever controls.


​​​​​​​Traveling Gantry Wide Bed Press - O-Frame Press - Shipbuilding Hull forming press

Available in 100 ton to 10000 ton capacities, our Wide Bed O-Frame Straightening Presses with three axes of ram movement are specifically designed for straightening or bending large plates, castings, or weldments. The travel design of the gantry allows the workpiece to remain stationary while the pressing ram traverses to the high spot, eliminating frequent repositioning of large, heavy workpieces.

Additionally, hydraulic worklifts can be installed in the bed to assist in positioning the pressing blocks under the work. These worklifts free up overhead crane usage.

More info on Shipbuilding Hull Forming presses