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Unique coil handling solutions

Coil Processing Equipment

Whether you're looking for a complete coil processing line or just a new leveler or shear to replace some tired old equipment, Pressmach has your solution. We are a leading supplier of Affordable Cut-To-Length Lines, Slitting Lines and combined Slitting-cut to length lines and our equipment belongs to the most reliable and durable the industry has to offer. It is designed and built for a 20-year service life and often exceeds our expectations. We have a complete line of entry equipment, world-class leveling machines, both hydraulic and mechanical shears, as well as stacking and material handling solutions that will change your bottom line. Call us today and let us help you upgrade your coil processing line for the future.

Slitting lines, Cut-To-Length lines and Winding Lines

If the coil itself represents the product, it must be processed regarding its width, length, angle or surface.


Pressmach offers three types of processing systems:

Slitting Lines to fabricate a number of small (narrower) coils out of one mastercoil;

Cut-To-Length Lines to fabricate different sizes of plate material (also called “blanks”) and

Winding Lines to un- and rewind coils for a centrally positioned work center.

Slitting and Cut-To-Length can also be combined within one system.

Pressmach is engaged in designing and manufacturing of wide range of automated lines for slitting and cutting-to-length of sheet metal materials. This equipment is widely used in automotive, ship building, aircraft building industries and in construction materials production.


SLITTING LINE is designed for slitting sheet metal (with zinc or polymer coating and with width up to 2200 mm and thickness up to 20.0 mm) with further recoiling of the strips.

The line consists of:

  • Decoiler;
  • Straightener;
  • Slitter;
  • Roller table;
  • Handling system;
  • Recoiler.


CUTTING-TO-LENGTH line is designed for cutting sheet metal (with zinc or polymer coating and with width up to 2200 mm and thickness up to 20.0 mm) crosswise into sheet pieces.

The line consist of:

  • decoiler;
  • powerful high-load straightener;
  • cross guillotine with a clamping system;
  • operating system with control of cut sheets length;
  • stacking device.


SLITTING AND CUTTING-TO-LENGTH line is designed for longitudinal and cross cutting of sheet metal (with zinc or polymer coating and with width up to 2200 mm and thickness up to 20.0 mm).

The line consist of:

  • decoiler ;
  • powerful high-load straightener;
  • spooler;
  • slitter;
  • cross guillotine with holding system;
  • operating system with control of the cut sheets length;
  • stacking device;
  • handling system;
  • recoiler.

Recoiling and baby coil production

The line starts with big mother coil and it is used to produce smaller coils (approx 1-3 tons) which are used, in particular, in the construction industry

The production line is also able to produce small coils (so called baby coils) with a length of approx 30 - 150 m in zinc, copper, aluminium, pre-painted steel used mainly to manufacture parts for roofing in the civil engineering industry.

Coil lines: enduring reliability

Coil lines from Pressmach stand for long service life and constant efficiency.

Our press feeding lines, cut-to-length lines and coil lines for roll formers ensure reliable material processing.

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