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Heat Sink Fin crimping press - Heat sink fin mechanical bonding press

The Pressmach hydraulic automatic Fin Crimping press for heat sinks is featured with open gap frame structure. These C frame presses and much bigger gantry presses are especially ideal for heat sink fin crimping or heat sink fin bonding and can handle a wide range of heatsink dimensions..

For customers from power electronic industry, who require accurate and repeatable processes for precision heat sinks, the Pressmach upgraded C-frame presses are the ideal fin crimping press to choose. The press provides flexible precision control modes, which are “fixed speed/setting position stop”, “fixed speed/setting load stop”, “fixed speed/pressing distance stop”. The accuracy ranges in 0.01mm. A traveling table can also be offered for some special occasion, to offer the repeatable crimping cycle and the ability of automatically bonding/crimping of the fins in the heat sink.

Heat Sink fin crimping press

Fin stacking press - Fin bonding Press - Fin Crimping Press - Fin swaging press

Crimped fin heat sink

Fins fixed by high precision hydraulic servo press into the heat sink.