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Pressmach offers Drawing and Deep Drawing Presses in four-post guided platen, gib-guided and straight side housing type frames. Fully hydraulic powered cushions, knockouts, ejectors, and blankholders provide variety of configurations to meet your tool requirements. Savage Double Action and Triple Action Deep Drawing Presses have optional slide constructions to accommodate your specific tools.

4-Post Drawing Press

These are the most conventional style of draw presses, with down-acting punch and lower cushion. They are equipped with fully-programmable tonnage, speed, and position, with program storage, quick die change systems, and cushion. These machines are also offered in a straight side construction. An optional fully-guided hydraulic cushion prevents wrinkling of the worrkpiece.

C-Frame Guided Platen Metal Drawing Press

C-Frame Guided Platen Presses are used for a myriad of applications, the C-Frame Press can be an economical alternative for producing or assembling small parts. These machines are fully-programmable and equipped with program storage, quick die change systems, and cushion. These workhorse presses are also self-contained as to be easily moved to the work cell.

Triple Action Deep Drawing Press

Triple Action Presses are available in 4 post and straight side construction with different slide configurations.

C-Frame Guided Platen Drawing Press with Cushion

Pressmach C-Frame Draw Presses feature 2-post or 4-post guided platens for diesets. Gib-guided platens are available for the most demanding applications. This C-Frame Presses can includes an eight-bushing guide system, swing-out side guards, and light curtains for operator safety during die changeover. The design can incorporate a fully -hydraulic cushion, removable t-slotted bolsters, leveling pads, die safety block, and high speed hydraulics.

Various types of presses are used for the deep drawing of sheet metal, including double-acting presses with mechanical or hydraulic drive.

Mechanical drive

In the case of mechanical presses the blankholder is held by a knuckle-joint system. The drawing process is executed by a multi-link drive. To the extent to which the blankholder and drawing ram are driven by one main shaft, both systems operate in a fixed geometric relationship to one another.

Hydraulic drive

In the case of hydraulic presses the blankholder has several, individually controlled blankholder cylinders. The drawing ram can execute the drawing process independently of the blankholder.


Servo Driven

DEEP DRAW applications require the utmost in precision control and adjustable positioning, and Pressmach’s hydraulic deep draw presses set the standard for quality and reliability. For cases that push materials to their limit, such as producing oil filters or metal kitchen sinks, you need total control at every stage of the stroke. Pressmach’s deep draw presses feature an advanced HMI controller with programmable motion & pressure profiles, allowing for higher quality parts and more efficient production.


Product Description DEEP DRAWING PRESS

Our standard deep drawing press ranges in tonnage from 45 to 1000 tons, features compact and intuitive design, function with either single action or double action deep drawing process. Heavy duty 4-post and stress-relieved frame body are extremely rigid and minimum deflection to provide perfect rigidity and durability. Well-forged and precise-polished heavy-duty cylinder remain highly reliable when machine running at the high load condition.

Unique to our deep draw forming press is that the pressure output of deep drawing press machine is dynamically changing due to the pressure proportioning function of the main cylinder and lower blank hold cylinder. The main cylinder pressure proportioning can reduce the loss of force during the drawing process so. The lower cylinder pressure proportioning can reduce the force of blank holding along with the change of drawing height and blank holding size. This optional function allows our customers to achieve maximum productivity and minimum rejection rate.

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