Why a servo feeder becomes more and more popular

In recent years, compared with air feeders and high-speed roller feeders, servo feeders have become more and more popular. The reason is not only because of the quality of Pressmach’s feeding equipment and the reliability of after-sales service, but also its servo feeder four large features: high precision, simple operation, large feeding step and low durability failure rate. These characteristics are also one of the reasons.

High precision

Using high-precision PLC controller and servo motor drive mode. After the specified feeding time is reached during the operation, the servo control system starts to run after the press sends the signal to the feeder, and the servo motor drives the lower roller through the synchronous pulley. The lower roller drives the upper roller through the gear to convey the material. This conveying method is stable and accurate.

Large feeding

The feeding step range is large and can be adjusted. The multi-stage feeding method is also one of the characteristics of the servo feeder, and the feeding step can be up to 10m. Because other ordinary punch feeders can’t meet this requirement. You can not change other molds and processes after one batch is produced. After adjusting the height and other parameters, you can continue feeding.

Simple operation

The operation is good, the operation of the servo feeder is better than air feeder and high speed roller feeder. It only needs to pass a high-definition numerical control touch screen, which is simple to realize, the setting of the feeder speed, the number of segments, the height, etc. fast and convenient. In addition to the handle, you can adjust to test machine.

Low durability failure rate

Our servo feeders are self-produced and reliable in quality. At the same time, some high-energy precision electronic, electrical and drive motors use imported original components to improve overall durability. So the failure rate is also reduced. And the servo motor has an automatic fault prompting solution function, so that the customer’s fault can be solved on time  with a reliable quality. It is very practical for customers in their production.

This is four features why servo feeder choose by more and more customers. Because it is very practical for them. It brings less troubles and save precious time .

The advantage of NC feeder over a mechanical roller feeder machine

NC feeder and roller feeder are two main feeding equipment’s in stamping field at present, Because a large amount of the range of use of these two type feeders is overlapped, therefore, when finally deciding, many customers are uncertain about the choice of these two feeder models, However, under the detailed explanations of the performance and operation of our mechanical technicians, customers usually choose the NC feeder, the reason why customers choose this way is that NC feeder has four performance advantages than roller feeder.

  1. NC feeder has wider application range and higher customization level, roller feeder and NC feeder are commonly used feeding equipment, but their range of application is limited, in particular, the roller feeder is limited by its transmission principle, to apply has obvious matching requirements, One is that the punch must have an output shaft when using the roller feeder, Second, the material width is less than 400 mm, the thickness is less than 3.5 mm, the feeding step is less than 300 mm, and there is basically no custom-made machine model, while NC feeder has no such restriction at all, its maximum width can reach 1500 mm, the maximum thickness can reach 6.0 mm, and it is completely free from the restriction of the step and the matching punch, according to the actual stamping characteristics, there are NC feeder for thick plate and NC zigzag feeder, they are be chosen by customers.
  2. NC feeder has higher feeding accuracy and better stability, NC feeder debugging, easy operation, less labor intensity, increased the effective working time, before the roller feeder is used, the inch test machine must be carried out according to the actual matching die. After adjusting the material width, thickness and feeding step, the continuous stamping production can be carried out, and the adjustment of the step is an important part of it, however the adjustment of the step distance of the roller feeder needs to adjust the eccentric disc installed on the output shaft of the punch, it’s not only tedious to adjust, but also because of the influence of the gap and inertia of the brake between the output shaft, After adjusting the step distance of the roller feeder, it needs to be adjusted repeatedly according to the actual experience to achieve the required step distance of the actual continuous stamping, this work must be completed by professional and technical person.

However NC feeder doesn’t need to consider so many factors at all, just simple settings on the touch screen, simple settings, save time and effort.

  1. Multi-stage feeding to meet the needs of diverse production, customer’s production needs are not unchanged, many times, multi-stage stamping process is needed to use, and this technology way can only be satisfied by NC feeder.