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From Coil to Sheet

Cut-in-lenght Lines

Cut-to-length lines

We supply levelling lines and cut-to-length lines, able to satisfy the needs of different types of customers

High performance lines with great flexibility for coils up to 45 tonnes and work speed up to 120 m/min, suitable for steel mills, service centres, the automotive sector.

Compact and simpler lines, very flexible, in cases where a lower production capacity is required. Our lines are suitable for processing sheet metal with widths up to 2200 mm and gauge varying from 0.2 to 25 mm.

Our cut-to-length lines can process different materials, such as:

  • cold or hot rolled steel
  • aluminium
  • galvanised steel, pre-painted
  • copper
  • high strength steel
  • zinc
  • stainless steel
  • alloys

The lines have different configurations, according to the type of material to be processed and the performance required:

  • start-stop cutting lines, with roller feeder
  • continuous cutting lines with flying shears
  • continuous cutting lines with rotary shears

All cut-to-length lines are equipped with software developed in our technical department. They can be customised and interfaced with the customer’s management programs and allow for remote assistance.

Some machines can also be supplied as single unites and can be integrated into existing lines: decoilers, levelling machines, trimming machines with scrap-choppers, scrap winder or scrap wrapping machines, cutting shears, rotary shears, flying shears, stackers and packing lines.

Cut-to-length systems: for flexible production.

We design efficient and reliable strip cutting systems to meet your requirements. 

Cut-to-length lines are also available with edge trimming, punching or stamping.


Modern cut to length lines cover the complete thickness range of strip from 0.3 mm up to the thickest steel coils of 25 mm with different types of levelers, different type of shears (rotary eccentric, flying, mechanical, tilting shear) and different type of stackers (magnetic, vacuum, bomb door, hydrid stacker). Lines are suitable to process materials used in the automotive and appliance industry, such as stainless steel, pre-painted, cold rolled steel, hot rolled carbon steel, electric steel, copper, brass and titanium.

Pressmach covers 3 Ranges of cut-to-length lines


Rotary shear, magnetic stacker, vacuum stacker


Coils 10 ÷ 30 Tons
Thickness 0.2 ÷ 4 mm
Width 200 ÷ 2200 mm
Speed 40 ÷ 120 m/min

rotary or flying shear, magnetic stacker, racket type stacker


Coils 15 ÷ 42 Tons
Thickness 1,5 ÷ 14 mm
Width 500 ÷ 2200 mm
Speed 40 ÷ 80 m/min

Flying shear, bomb door stacker


Coils 15 ÷ 48 Tons
Thickness 3 ÷ 25,4 mm
Width 500 ÷ 2200 mm
Speed 20 ÷ 40 m/min

Cut-to-Length Lines

If you are looking for a productivity advantage, investment in your own Cut-to-Length line from Pressmach  can help you better control your manufacturing process and keep work in-house to gain a competitive edge. Whether you are processing light gauge material in a high production facility or heavy-gauge hot rolled materials in a low volume fabricating environment, we can design and build a system to meet your specifc requirements.

• Custom-engineered solutions for all material types
• Solutions for 0,2mm – 12mm material thickness
• Coil sizes up to diameter 2000mm width and 30 TON weight
• Processing speeds up to 60 SPM and 250 FPM
• Close-centered precision straighteners assure flatness
• Hydraulic, mechanical and oscillating shears available
• Stacker types available – drop, air, finger, and magnetic

Why In-House Cut-to-Length?

Quick ROI

If you are looking for a competitive advantage, investment in a Cut-to-Length line from Pressmach can bring capability in-house for better operational control, improved quality, and reduced processing costs for quick ROI. With a Pressmach Cut-to-Length, you benefit from proven designs manufactured with attention to detail by our family of skilled professionals, and backed by the Pressmach service assurance advantage.
From light to heavy gauge applications, Pressmach can develop the right Cut-to-Length solution to fit your unique metal processing needs.


 Outside cost savings – Eliminate €20 - €50/ton processing fees 

Transportation savings – Eliminate €0.60-€1.5/km trucking fees

Inventory reduction – Reduce WIP and carrying costs

Streamlined process – JIT can be applied to blanking process

Improved quality – Easily detect and contain material defects

Floorspace savings – Floorspace can be used for value added operations

Scrap reduction – Ability to cut-to-size optimizes material usage

Cut to length lines

Using its world widest range of press feed equipment, Pressmach provides Cut to length lines to produce blanks, as well for steel centers as for OEM and job shops looking to feed their turret punch press, laser cutting machines or other equipment such as rolling and welding machines.  The Pressmach cut-to-length lines are mainly intended for service centres of medium size and for manufacturers wishing to have their blank cutting activity internally in order to improve their competitiveness and adaptability.
Our machines offer an exceptional price for value. Depending on the required rates and the materials being cut, one of the decoiling line architectures will be chosen.

Coil lines are customized to match customers’ specific requirements.

The integrated shear can be pneumatic, mechanical or hydraulic.
The stacking can be single pile or multi-pile and performed by a flap type, a programmable Cartesian or a robotic stacker.
A plastic film coating application or removal device can be included in the line.
All equipment combined to build a Pressmach Cutting line are manufactured by Pressmach allowing a long lasting and efficient service.

  • Coil weight from 150 kg  to 40 tons 
  • Strip width from 80 mm  to 3000 mm 
  • Material thickness from 0.1 mm  up to 12 mm
  • Material quality from soft aluminium up to 1500 Mpa high press steel
  • Short line, long line, no loop configurations match all applications

Shear Technology

Pressmach Press Equipment offers a number of shear equipment options that provide cost-effective solutions for cutting continuous coil into blanks in order to optimize production efficiency and material utilization.
These solutions are incorporated into Cut-to-Length and Blanking Lines as well as our Transfer Press Feed Lines to provide efficient and flexible coil processing systems.

more info on shear technology used

Each Cut-To-Length line (cross-cutting) is specifically designed according to our customers’ needs

Depending on the characteristics of the materials to be processed, each line may differ in terms of: application of personalised know-how- level of automation; final quality of the surface; thickness of the material.
The application of a plastic film or paper to protect the surface, brushing, edge trimming, scrap cutting and/or winding are examples of additional functions the CTL lines can be equipped with.