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We have years of experience in customizing hydraulic presses for MOLDED COMPOSITES. These carefully layered materials are the ideal choice for aerospace and automotive applications due to their ability to achieve high strength at very low weights. When your components have zero tolerance for failure, you need the time-tested reliability and uncompromising attention to detail that goes into a Pressmach hydraulic press. COMPOSITE formers like the HMI control include custom screens and features which can be added to control mold temperatures, part extraction and the ability to record data to remote devices.



Compression molding is one of the most cost-effective hot forming method for molding complex, high-strength fiber-reinforced plastics, metal alloys, composites, and rubber. The Pressmach compression molding press is highly customized manufacturing solutions specifically for molding SMC and BMC. The compression molding press features with heavy duty multi-post frame structure. The heating system is optional in between either electric, oil or steam heating. Water cooled platens are available to fast cooling down the workpiece for hand manipulation.

With a working area up to 3000 mm and tonnage up to 1200 tons, Pressmach hydraulic compression molding presses are ideal for molding large, fairly intricate parts. The compression molding press is guided by quality graphite-impregnated self-lubricated bronze bushings and four solid, chrome-plated posts. Long bearing length provides perfect pressing stability and effective resistance to off-center loading. To ensure the perfect compression molding operation, The heated platens are divided into multi-temperature zones to achieve uniform heat distribution and convenience temperature monitor. The main pressing cylinder and multi auxiliary cylinders are designed for stable pressure cramping and burp cycle managing.

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