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Zigzag blanking line - Stagger blanking Line

This kind of feeder is mainly used for wafer and square metal blanking production, because it has high efficiency and high material utilisation rate etc. advantage, the zigzag feeder is now more and more chased by customers.


Side Shift Feeder

With the rapidly increasing cost of material, the Pressmach Servo Stagger Feed can save up to 22% material scrap.
Just enter the blank size, material width, and number of rows. The Pressmach Servo Stagger Feed, also known as a Zig-Zag in the industry, will conform the most optimal pattern for the strip. The Pressmach Servo Stagger Feed has the ability to run at faster speeds by moving forward and backward. This enables the feed to shift one blank at a time, as opposed to two at a time, creating a shorter move and therefore faster speed

ZIG ZAG NC Roll Feeder

Servo Driven

Zigzag feeder is mainly for the metal sheet automatic shift feeder is for the wafer sub-material production line, cost-saving efficiency designed to produce, high output, high efficiency, high precision, low energy consumption, fully automated control, the feeder's flat work roller can correct the material arc, so that the material can smoothly pass through the mold, Guarantee the flatness of the disc and avoid waste of material

Application for zigzag feeder

1. Acceptable material thickness: 0.3-3.0mm, width: 1800mm, the diameter of the wafer is 1000mm. 

2. Applicable to products are widely used in hardware, stamping, electronics, electrical appliances, science and technology, auto parts, metals, packaging, industry, aviation, cabinets, machinery, electrical, mechanical and other industries.

3. Suitable for belt steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron and other materials.


1. High output: can be shifted multiple times, according to the 60-degree angle calculation, each shift can save 7% of the material, in the size of the wafer, can be adjusted according to the width of the material arrangement angle, to provide material utilization rate.

2. High efficiency: the speed is 60 times per minute.

3. High precision: in the continuous stamping process, the distance between the edge and edge can be set within 0.5mm, each movement error can be guaranteed within the range of .08mm.

4. Small footprint, low energy consumption

5. Finished work handling is convenient: after the material stamping, automatically dropped on the finished conveyor belt, from the conveyor belt to the palletizer. 6, fully automated control, saving human resources: the production line in the work, only one employee to operate the electronic control box control cabinet. Enter the operating procedure on the human panel and the equipment will be fully automated.