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Presses by application

Different presses for different jobs!

Cold Extrusion Press

Compression Moulding Press

Die splitter press

Die spotting Press

Die-spotting or try-out press

Forming Press

Frame bending Press

Shipbuilding, constructor, fabricator press

Hot Forming Press

Laminating Press

High-Speed Press For Electric motor: Stator And Rotor

Stamping presses

Train wheel Press

Valve test press

Different frames = different applications

Available Frames for our presses depends on application

C-frame press

D-frame Press

H-Frame or straight side press

Pillar-Frame Press

O-Frame Press

Horizontal-Frame press

Special Frame Press

Pressmach Presses


Blanking, drawing, hot and cold sheet-metal presswork; transfer, oil-hydraulic, automated, mechanical presses; presses for deep, progressive and step-by-step presswork as well as hydroforming presses - our acknowledged technical versatility is shown not only by the supply of structurally valid and reliable products, but also and above all by the provision of solutions capable of ensuring the highest performance requested by users. Our presses, either used as individual units or incorporated easily within production lines, are conceptually totally different from ordinary machine tools. They offer technological solutions exalting sturdiness, ergonomics, noiseless high performance, flexibility, reliability and energy saving.

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