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Single-press Multi-station Manipulator

This type of manipulator is an automatic handling device, which is used for the stamping work with single power press machine and multiple workstations.

It is specially designed for the single-press multi-station progressive die in the stamping industry, and widely used for automatic feeding of large amount of stamping parts production with high precision positioning and continuous automatic operation. High-performance, Japan Mitsubishi or German Siemens servo motor drive, precision transmission mechanism and with a variety of vacuum suction cups, electromagnets or pneumatic claws material catching methods. The manipulator can guarantee customer 24H stable and reliable operation to shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency, moreover to help customer enhance strong technical guarantees and competitive advantages in the same industry.

Manipulator Arm Main Features

1.The left and right transfer, the up and down lift are driven by AC servo motor, excellent feeding stability, high positioning accuracy, fast transfer speed, and smooth conveying action.

2.A multi-axis tapping machine can be set at the end of the press machine to complete the online tapping function.

3.Highly automated production lines enhance work safety, increase production capacity, stabilize product quality, and effectively reduce non-performing rates and costs.

4.Feeding method: The coil material can be matched with an air feeder, an NC roller feeder or a three-in-one feeder, and the sheet material can be matched with a laminated material rack.

5.According to the number of stamping projects, 2~3 press machines can be connected (multiple sets of molds are placed on each press machine), and the transplanting device is used in the middle to form a double-machine multi-station or multi-machine multi-station automatic press line.

6.The arm uses a fast cassette slide to save adjustment time.

7.The transfer distance can be customized according to the customer's press machine or the actual pitch arrangement of the mold.

8.Control mode: PLC, man-machine interface, collect the top dead center signal of the connection press through PLC, drive all the connection presses synchronous action.

9.Operation mode: All operations are completed through the man-machine interface (manual, stepping, automatic; high, medium and low speeds are freely switched, and the function is set according to the user speed), and the monitoring operation is easy.

10.Protection function: light curtain monitoring, interlocking press and peripheral equipments.

11.The suction method can be a vacuum suction cup or an electromagnetic suction iron, and the pneumatic clamp can be mixed and used to adapt to different workpieces.