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Three-dimensional Manipulator

The three-dimensional manipulator is designed to add a vertical axis on the basis of two-dimensional manipulator, which aims to accommodate the vertical direction movement of the material required by the stamping process.

Three-dimensional Manipulator Features

1.The power source is a number of independent servo motors. The encoder-equipped with press crankshaft releases angle signal and is transmitted to the control system to achieve the function of synchronous operation with the press.

2. The three link manipulator has error feeding detection circuit to ensure the safety of the die and the machine.

3. The main frame adopts a welded structure, each axis is driven by a precision ball screw, and the positioning accuracy is high.

 4. The feeding system can use a three-in-one feeder, a swing feeder, or a double-stack feeder.

 5. Realize automatic production, intensify operational safety, increase production capacity, stabilize product quality, and effectively reduce non-performing rates and costs.

 6. Adopt PLC and touch man-machine interface control system and can monitor the

angle in operation and abnormal state. Various parameters needed in the stamping process can be input, modified, adjusted through the man-machine interface, easily setting adjusted and maintained.