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Tandem Press Lines

At Pressmach, we know TANDEM PRODUCTION lines better than anyone.

Our engineers have designed multi-stage processes for a huge variety of applications, and our presses are built with automation and transfers in mind from the very start.

We’re ready to work with you from the initial planning stage through to the custom design, installation, and operation of the most efficient and reliable press lines available today. 

Tandem line are simply a lined up formation of single presses with single die.

Tandem production setup is ideal for producing larger and complicated sheet metal parts, which cannot be produced with technology of one-strike deformation.

Standard tandem lines in automotive industry are so called G1, G2, G3 G4 lines. The term defines a five (or six) press line, with certain measurements of a table and a force of the presses. Lines are used for production of inner and outer body parts of automobiles.

Each of the single presses with single die deforms and shapes the product being produced. Each of the sheet metal or single stamping tool that is installed in single press is the continuation of the one before. The part that is being produced is transferred from press to press (or from die to die) with robots, manipulators, larger transfers or with other logistic equipment.

Totally automated tandem production setup lowers production costs, due to its relatively fast, reliable and constant production process.